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WIKI App for Popular Book Series

The Challenge

Redesign a dated and difficult to use companion wiki app for a wildly popular book series. The existing content and artwork could not be altered, and the look and feel needed to remain close enough to the original that we wouldn't need to go through a lengthy reapproval process with the series' author.


The Approach

Time and budget were limited, and we had stringent artistic constraints.  We decided to focus on the parts of the app that currently suffered the most: inconsistent and confusing navigation, content discoverability, readability, poor tablet adaptation, an overabundance of pop-up dialog boxes.


The Solution

  • The home screen was redesigned to include content tiles making content discoverable, making the home screen a valuable jumping off point.

  • A bottom navigation bar was added that persists throughout the app.

  • Consistent navigation patterns were created by updating the header navigation and implementing consistent consistent link treatments.

  • A font size controller was added to increase ease of reading and make copy more accessible.

  • All contrast ratios were scrutinized and background textures removed or simplified.

  • The search feature was made available in the persistent navigation.

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